There are few sights as captivating and exciting as laser beams piercing the air.
Stunning atmospheric effects are produced by scanning pencil-thin beams through a
fine haze at very high speed to create patterns such as cones, tunnels and fans which
are seemingly suspended in mid air, reaching out over the audience, then enveloping
them in glimmering sheets and beautiful cascades of light.
These mesmerising beams evoke a feeling of actually being touched by the light and
becoming  part of the whole experience rather than just being a passive spectator.
Some have described it as like being inside a firework display or on a Star Wars set.

The "wow" factor of a laser show cannot be matched by any other lighting source and
you can now impress and enthrall your guests or customers with these spectacular
visual effects by adding a laser show to your booking for just £30!
(Supplied FREE if your booking is for 5hrs or more)
Laser show
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PLEASE NOTE that in order for the laser show to be visible, a fine haze will be
generated by the use of a hazer (fine smoke machine). Some venues ban the use of
smoke or haze machines for fear of triggering a smoke alarm. However it is possible to
fit a removable dust cover to a smoke detector thereby temporarily disabling it. These
covers are used by venues who are having building work carried out (to prevent dust in
the air setting off the alarms) but they work equally well with smoke machines! They
take seconds to fit and your venue my well have had covers supplied when the
detectors were installed. Fire regulations would NOT be compromised as the manually
triggered ("break the glass") system would remain operational.
You may wish to discuss this with your venue.
Tel: 07960 449379
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