As from 1st January 2024 I shall no longer be providing my all day Wedding service but still available to provide your evening party entertainment.

For earlier in the day you are welcome to avail yourself of my PA hire service, which you can use to play your own background music, plus wireless radio mic for announcements and speeches (£80 locally).

Traditionally the evening would begin with the couple's "1st dance", often immediately after the "cutting of the cake" (which I am happy to announce for you).

I would usually gather guests around the dance floor and invite you both onto the floor to rapturous applause! Then, at roughly halfway through the 1st dance, I would invite everyone to join you on the floor (if you would like me to do this).

Wedding DJs require very special skills. The music would usually start very mainstream to appeal to the widest range of people present. There is then the opportunity to accommodate for different requests and specialist groups whilst carefully managing the ambiance of the evening and the dynamics of the dance floor.

Then, at the end of the evening, the music is adapted to whoever is dancing ... And this could be any style from Dance anthems to Funky Soul or Rock Classics depending on the mood of the audience.

I am happy to organise a 'Leaving Arch' if the bride and groom are leaving early, otherwise I always try and go for a big finish with everyone on the floor, including the B&G, to end the night on a fantastic high!